Energy Trading

energy trading

Energy from various sources, cargoes delivered to almost anywhere in the world.

JERA Global Markets operates one of the largest seaborne energy portfolios in the world, which gives us a deep understanding of the way local, regional and international energy markets behave. Our in-depth knowledge and market insights enable us to capture trading opportunities, optimise portfolios, create value and enhance security of supply for our customers.

Wherever the source may be, whenever the need arises, whatever it takes to ship.

When energy security depends on supply stability, JERA Global Markets energises supply for reliable and secure deliveries to our customers. Our commitment to our shareholders’ energy requirements underpins our asset-backed business model. We are equipped with a robust portfolio, backed by consistent demand, to deliver energy security for the long-term.

The uncertainties of tomorrow are minimised by the capabilities of today.

JERA Global Markets has built a leading trading platform, operated by a team of accomplished energy professionals and empowered by a range of sophisticated tools, to efficiently manage market risks. We maximise value for our shareholders by integrating and synergising specialised expertise across our teams.

LNG Trading

LNG remains a vital energy source even as new ways of energy consumption are being explored.

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energy trading

Coal Trading

As a finite commodity, coal is traded in 
limited markets.

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coal trading


Connecting the world, syncing supply with demand, bridging production to consumption.

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energy trading